Jarrod Meakins - Publicist

T: +61 7 3535 5027 | M: +61 411 329 087
E: jarrod.meakins@queensland.com
Twitter: @JarrodMeakins | Instagram: @jarrodmeakins
Media speciality: Television and Radio
Destinations: Southern Great Barrier Reef, Outback, Southern Queensland Country
Like an explorer too close to magnetic poles, Jarrod has a knack for finding new places, generally thanks to being hopelessly lost. Armed with a passion for wildlife and the great outdoors, you can usually find Jarrod hiking mountains up and down the Sunshine State before seeking out a swimming hole and a well-earned cold refreshment made from barley, hops, yeast and water (you can join the dots!). Jarrod is our go-to man for morning TV and lifestyle programs who want to put Queensland under the spotlight.

Isabella Quaid – Publicity and Content Assistant

T: +61 7 3535 5378
E: isabella.quaid@queensland.com
Instagram: @bellaquaid
Born in Cairns and raised in Brisbane, Bella is the kind of traveller who spams her social media with photos pretending to hold up famous landmarks. Armed with a passion for Queensland and a bottle of sunscreen, she is your go-to girl for all publicity and digital content inquires. From hot images to headline-grabbing content that inspires two-way conversation, Bella’s got you covered.

Maddison Tanner - Publicist

T: +61 7 3535-5360 | M: + 61 427 378 856
E: Maddison.tanner@queensland.com
Twitter: @madtan23 | Instagram: @madtan
Media speciality: Print
Destinations: Gold Coast, Fraser Coast, Sunshine Coast
When not storytelling Queensland’s hidden gems, Maddie can be found beach-hopping up the state’s coastline. She’s a wealth of Gold Coast knowledge (born and bred), and is your go-to for arts and culture events. Maddie is also the first port of call for print media wanting to know a little more about Queensland.

Chelsea Hauschka - Publicist

T: +61 7 3535-5662 | M: +61 414 828 640
E: chelsea.hauschka@queensland.com
Twitter: @C_Hauschka | Instagram: @chelsea_ha
LinkedIn: Chelsea Hauschka
Media speciality: Digital and online media
Destinations: Whitsundays, Townsville, Tropical North Queensland
Calling all bloggers, online media, and digital gurus! Keen to meet some cool locals in the unknown-but-should-be-known destinations in Queensland? Or want to find out how we are promoting the Great Barrier Reef and/or get on a famil? Chelsea is IT!

Shelley Thomas - Event Publicist

T: +61 7 3535 5665 | M: +61 422 041 285
E: shelley.thomas@queensland.com
Instagram: @shelseytom
Speciality: It’s Live! in Queensland Events
ShelleT – as opposed to ShelleW - Confused? So are we — Is your go-to guru for Queensland events. Perfect for those diary pages or double page character features, ShelleT has the backstory on everything from CMC Rocks to Big Red Bash and Noosa Triathlon. And yes, she loves a yarn!

Geoff Stead - GC2018 Commonwealth Games Snr Publcist

T: +61 7 3535-5037 | M: +61 401 226 846
E: geoff.stead@queensland.com
Twitter: @GeoffTed Speciality: Gold Coast Commonwealth Games
As a sports nut— and former sports journo - Geoff has the contacts, the venues and the destination background on the biggest event to be held in Australia this decade: The GC2018 Commonwealth Games. If you need to know ANYTHING about the biggest event to be staged in Australia this decade (or the best seat in the best restaurant to watch it from), then contact Geoff.

Shelley Winkel - Global Publicity Manager

T: +61 7 3535-5356 | M: +61 424 151 683
E: shelley.winkel@queensland.com
Twitter: @misswinkel | Instagram: @shelleywinkel
Want to meet a boat skipper with the heart of a reef warrior? A B&B run by a farmer turned tourism magnate? A restaurant that uses only local produce? Shelley Winkel knows just the place. She has a ferocious curiosity for exploring her home state of Queensland – having promoted it from around the world - and for her exceptional team. If the folks above don’t know the answers, Shelley could be your option!