Take the plunge: Down a cliff with Riverlife Adventure Centre

Brisbane, a fabulous city on a glorious day, holds myriad choices for entertainment. I decided to jump off a cliff.

Kangaroo Point has many things going for it – one of which is a perfect rockface for abseiling.

Until now, I'd used this part of the riverway to face forward, crack a Chardy and enjoy the view.

But now, thanks to taking up a challenge from the ridiculously vital staff at Riverlife Adventure Centre, here I was facing backwards, cracking a fit and staring at craggy, knife-sharp (well, sort of) stone, trussed up like a Christmas turkey in a blue jumpsuit and ropes.

“Ready?” asked my tutor, a muscle-rippling specimen who seemed to think abseiling to certain death deserved a cheery nod and broad smile. Too frightened to speak, he took my fluttering eyelids to mean “let's go” rather than “call the paramedics” and off we went.

Kangaroo Point rocks have never been so loved – every time I thudded against them, I knew I was still alive. Then a strange thing happened. At about mid-point, I stopped being terrified and started feeling exhilarated. This was actually fun!

The whooshing of the breeze through the small gap in my helmet, the tug of the ropes bracing me for the next bounce into the freedom of mid-air flight, the sound of my own pulse beating in my ears – yes, I was sorry when it ended with a perfectly poised touchdown at the bottom.

Like a 10 year old, I wanted to 'go again' - but more fun awaited. There was a river kayak to try (a friend had done the night kayak up the river where they were treated with hot chocolate and marshmallows – very much a “me too” experience). Then, I could have taken on rock climbing, roller blading or kick bike – but I don't even know what a kick bike is and my legs were still a bit shaky after hitting solid ground again.

After a cheery goodbye to my new found adventure friends, I headed off, tired but happy, ready to explore some indoor activities.

Riverlife Adventure Centre has an array of activities for all ages (from 8 upwards) and can be found at the Naval Stores at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane. Prices are extremely reasonable and all staff are professionally trained and fully accredited.


Name: Julie McGlone
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