Best Coffee Brewed in Queensland

13 June, 2016

It's enough to give you the hippie hippie shakes. Queensland's cup runneth over with so many great coffee cribs – from our buzzing beans to live plantation tours – you won't know what hit you. We give you the news on the brews making headlines all over the state.

Award-Winning Cafes/Baristas 

Black Coffee Lyrics 

This rustic establishment plonked right in the heart of Surfers Paradise is at odds with the glitz and glamour of the Gold Coast that swirls around outside, and that's what makes it a winner. It's like stepping into an old library, with walls of bookshelves and none-to-fancy bench tables and seats. There's also craft beers, boutique wines, tapas and pizza, but the coffee is king here and one of the best cuppas on the coast.


Blackstar Coffee Roasters 

The concept came from our Kiwi cousins and the 50-year-old roasting machine for Europe, and the rest is history for this trendy establishment in Brisbane's West End. Operating seven days a week from 7am to 5pm, there's a long list of caffeine from which to choose and if you can't find something you like, well, you're not trying hard enough.



Blink and you might miss Bunker which would a great shame as it's located in a funky garage covered by shrubbery which makes it looks a bit like a hedge, in the inner west suburb of Milton in Brisbane. Apart from some cool coffee, these guys aren't afraid to experiment although their bacon hot chocolate caused a bit of a stir around the streets.


Dandelion and Driftwood 

The fine folks at this north Brisbane suburb of Hendra take their brews so seriously that they boast not one, but two coffee bars. At the Espresso Bar and Brew Bar, all coffee is tagged with cupping notes. For something different, try the cold-drip coffee – an Asian brewing method where cold water and ice drips into the ground coffee beans for 24 hours, before being refrigerated and then served over ice.!/home 


Little Brew 

This cute little coffee crib is the little brother of Brew and as such, does not have its own Facebook page or website. But don't let that deter you from visiting this Paddington Queenslander home in Brisbane which has been converted into its own little coffee house. Sip on a Di Bella Nero coffee while overlooking the tin and timber houses which are so quintessentially Queensland.


Plantation Tours


Skybury Coffee 

Perched up in the beautiful Atherton Tablelands behind Cairns in Tropical North Queensland, this is not just a coffee plantation but an award-winning tourist attraction. There's the lush plantation where you can experience how coffee, bananas and papaya are grown, before you head into The Australian Coffee Centre for a robust education on the bean scene. Finish this experience by buying freshly-roasted coffee straight from the source.


Mount Tambourine Coffee Plantation 

Nested in the Gold Coast Hinterland on the fertile Mount Tamborine, this friendly, family-run business takes advantage of the rich volcanic soil, pure mountain water and the high altitude synonymous with this destination. Combine that with organic growing principles and you've got some of the most sought-after beans in the country and around the globe. Try the black magic coffee originally used by tribesmen to build stamina, or the rich smooth organic blend grown on the estate.


Whitsunday's Gold Coffee Plantation 

You've no doubt heard of the Great Barrier Reef but do you know of the Great Barrier Bean? That's what you'll find at this coffee plantation in the warm Whitsundays. More than 140,000 Arabica coffee trees are planted here to produce the Whitsunday Gold Coffee brand. Take a 45-minute plantation tour, which includes a morning or afternoon cup (but of course) and feel free to purchase a bag or two to take home with you.


Coffeeworks Mareeba 

Also situated up on the Atherton Tablelands in Tropical North Queensland, owners Annie and Rob Webber have spent the past 20 years perfecting the perfect cup of coffee. These days they sell more than 43 types of coffee, liqueurs and hand-crafted chocolate. There's even all-day tastings on site.


Quirky Coffee 


Hervey's Range Heritage Tea Rooms 

The official name is Kopi Luwak but people around these parts like to refer to it as “cat poo coffee” because essentially, that's what you're drinking. Basically the Asian Palm Civet – a cat-like creature found in Indonesian jungles – passes the coffee berries through its digestive tract and they have become such a delicacy, it will cost you $50 for a cup of this exotic blend. Head to these tea rooms up in the Townsville ranges, to let the cat get your tongue…so to speak.


Coffee On A Pontoon 

Possibly one of the more remote places in Queensland to enjoy a cup of coffee, head out in a boat to the outer reef about 40km from Cairns in Tropical North Queensland and enjoy your morning cuppa while sitting on this pontoon overlooking the Great Barrier Reef.


Enjoy A Coffee High 

Get high on coffee quite literally at the Gold Coast's towering Q1 building. At Seventy7 Café & Bar, on Level 77 of Skypoint, enjoy a cup of coffee and some of the most spectacular views of this dazzling Queensland tourist destination. It might just be the adrenaline rush you need to participate in the adventurous SkyPoint Climb.


Beans In A Bomb Shelter 

Few people realise this unassuming little red joint in South Brisbane once served as a bomb shelter during World War Two. Today, it's better known for its Cuban cigars and great coffee. But it's all still a bit hush hush. Opening hours are sporadic here at Paladar, on the corner of Merivale Street and Fish Lane, there's no website, and it's cash only, but it's certainly worth a visit.


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