Top 9 sport pubs in Brisbane to get your game face on!

10 January, 2018

If you're really into sport, I mean really into it, then every month there is a competition you can't help but follow. With cricket and US sports dominating summer, NRL and AFL owning winter and the spring racing carnival there is nearly always a reason to rack up your mates and head on down to a sports pub and get drenched in cheers (both for your team and drinks).

Here are the top 9 sport pubs to enjoy a pint of beer while watching it all play out on the big screens.

The Stock Exchange Hotel (Stockies)

Want to breathe in Brisbane's cityscape view while cheering your team on? Stockies, located on Edward Street, provides a large rooftop garden on the second floor with the view of the concrete jungle. Boasting one of the biggest screens in the city and a seating capacity of 350 people, you can be sure the roaring atmosphere will not be shy of the ones at the stadium. It's a great spot for Friday night footy if you are working or visiting Brisbane city.

The Story Bridge Hotel

One of the oldest watering holes in Brisbane, The Story Bridge Hotel is rich with history that dates back to 1886 when it was called the Kangaroo Point Hotel. In 1940 it was renamed to The Story Bridge Hotel to honour the opening of The Story Bridge. The three-storey hotel is located in the heart of East Brisbane where sports fans meet and are spoilt for choice with four bars to quench their thirst and watch a game – the Shelter Bar and Outback Bar are popular choices. For some of the major sporting events, the hotel provides complementary shuttle bus services to and from Suncorp Stadium.

The Breakfast Creek (The Brekky Creek)

What do Mikahail Gorbachov, Russell Crowe and Greg Norman have in common? Come on, give it a go. Well if you haven't already guessed it, they have all visited The Breakfast Creek – but certainly not at the same time. Known to locals endearingly as the Brekky Creek since 1889, it is one of Queensland most iconic watering holes and famous for 'Beer off the wood' (serves beer straight out wooden casks) and their steaks. With three bars to choose from the Public, Private and Staghorn Bar and a plasma TV at every nook and cranny – it is hard not to experience Queensland living at its best.

The Normanby Hotel

There's five ways you can get to this pub but only one Normanby Hotel. Perched up at Brisbane's Red Hill at the Fiveways, this Victorian-style hotel was built in 1889. It is said to channel Queen Anne style such as red brick finish, bay and oriel windows and a timber shingle roof with gables. Here, you'll find entertainment 52 weeks a year. We just wonder what the Queen would have had to say about that.

The Caxton Hotel

If cricket fans love The Chalk, then it's NRL fans that love the Caxton. Locals here call it “The Cacko” and it's been laughing all the way to the bank since it was built in 1884, making it one of Brisbane's oldest licensed premises. These days this old girl springs to life whenever any game is one at nearby Suncorp Stadium.

The Regatta Hotel

Instantly recognisable for its yawning white lattice verandas, The Regatta Hotel on the riverside at Toowong has been entertaining Brisbane since 1874. She's survived her fair share of floods and, most notably, made the headlines in 1965 when local feminists Merle Thornton and Rosalie Bogner chained themselves to the public bar in protest against women not being able to drink there. This led to the women's liberation movement in Brisbane. You'll find plenty of women and men enjoying The Regatta these days.

Norman Hotel

It's Brisbane's worst vegetarian restaurant – serving up sizzling steaks seven days a week in one of Brisbane's oldest buildings. You can learn how to fire up the barbie in cooking classes which channel 20 years work of meat flipping experience in a two hour class.

This small chain with five Brisbane locations actually touts itself as a British pub which plays plenty of British football on its big screen televisions. You can dine on a Beef & Guinness Pie, Traditional English Fish & Chips and homemade Lincolnshire sausages and creamy mash, followed by an Eton Mess for dessert.

Pineapple Hotel (The Piney)

Known as the sporting ground in the “Gabba” and dubbed as one of Queensland's treasures, the Pineapple Hotel was established in 1864 – named after the pineapple plantations around Kangaroo Point in the 1900s. This heritage listed hotel opened a brand new craft beer bar, Helsby's Ale House, in 2017 which is home to a wide-range of Australian craft brews. Take it from a local, it's worth a visit.

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