From Burleigh to Birdsville: The Warrego Way Through the Lens of Australian Landscape Photographer Sean Scott

14 December, 2016

Australian landscape photographer, Sean Scott, travelled the Warrego Way from Birdsville to Brisbane to capture just how much the record-breaking rainfall has transformed parts of Outback Queensland.

The once-sparse sandy plains of the Channel Country are bursting with life following the recent rainfall with lakes and rivers snaking their way through vibrant green landscapes dotted with wild life.  

"It was my first time visiting Birdsville and it was not at all what I expected. The recent rain had the place thriving with wildlife and it was green as far as the eye could see,” Sean said.

 “Once in a decade the red colours of the Outback turn into greens with fat cattle feasting on lush grasslands and flocks of pelicans dominating the skies.

“But one thing remained the same. The brilliant orange sunsets and starry skies.

"Outback Queensland has a character of its own and will get under your skin. It was nothing like I had ever experienced and I truly loved it."

Sean Scott was able to witness just how special it is. Outback Queensland is a land of inspiring stories, where you feel a special connection with the history of Australia and the spirit of the nation.


Notes to Editors:

While the people of the Outback are enjoying the change, it is important to acknowledge that the rain only provided short-term relief with more rain needed to end the drought.

About the Warrego Way: The Warrego Way from Birdsville to Brisbane is more than 1700km of changing landscapes. Mostly sealed bitumen roads lead to new adventures – from ancient trees from the dinosaur age, spotting endangered mammals, delighting in yarns told over country bars and enjoying brilliant sunsets and starry nights.

Whilst the majority of the roads is sealed, some roads are 4WD access only. Always check road signs and conditions and remember: If it's flooded, forget it.

About Outback Queensland: Outback Queensland is a land of inspiring stories, where you feel a special connection with the history of our country, the spirit of our nation and what it means to be Australian. It's a connection you can't help but make out there in the vast landscape, star gazing at a crystal clear night sky, sitting ringside at a rodeo, camping on the edge of the desert, or chatting to the locals at any old pub. There's so much to discover out here, always something new and unexpected. Like seeing the expansive view of yesterday appear in a whole other light as dawn brings a new day, or catching a flicker in your eye and finding a tiny chip of opal glinting in the sun. Simple things, yet moments never forgotten. Once you get to know this place, wherever you choose to go, it will get under your skin, hit you in the guts and knock your dusty socks off as you realise this is what Australia is all about. And you might just learn a few things about yourself, too. So go on, get out there, let it touch your heart and soul and live Australia's story in Outback Queensland