Queensland's Top Drops

Mention Queensland and among the first words to roll off someone's tongue are XXXX beer and Bundaberg Rum. But did you know there's far more to our liquor cabinet than just these two staples? There's a number of lesser-known, but award-winning distilleries and liquor manufacturers dotted around the state.


Billed as Australia's most internationally-award liquor brand this century, this distillery in the Gold Coast hinterland has more than 270 gongs to its name. There's a wide range of drops here from which to choose including liqueurs, schnapps, grappa, vodka, eaux de vie, acquavit and gin from the fruit trees grown on this property.


Tropical Queensland has quite literally been captured and bottled here at Sarina, near Mackay in central Queensland. There's plain, mango and coconut rum liqueur; vodka; and mango and butterscotch schnapps on the menu. Take a tour of the miniature mill and visit Australia's only distillery that produces its own massecuite and molasses.


With a name as luscious as lychee this, how can you refuse? Situated along the Fraser Coast on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, there's more to this place than just lychee liqueurs. Other award winning flavours include peach, vanilla and ginger. 


Perched along the Atherton Tableland in Tropical North Queensland, a number of exotic flavours are blended here to make some sensational liqueurs. Try lychee, mango, jaboticaba, bush cherry, mulberry, passionfruit and star apple. The de Brueys name dates back to 1753 and a French commander, and the legend lives on through its liqueurs.


Touted as Tropical North Queensland's first and only distillery, a visit to Mt Uncle on the Atherton Tableland is worth it alone for the elegant property, as much as what it produces. There's plenty of different Queensland flavours poured into a bottle here.


Sure, the world knows all about our Bundy Rum, made from the by-products of Queensland sugar cane, but did you know there's also a liqueur in this range? The best way to experience this, of course, is through a tour of the world-famous factory. This hour-long journey takes you from the fields to fermentation where you can see how this rum came to be so firmly entrenched in the vernacular.


Such a cute name, such a quirky little patch of paradise right in the Granite Belt in Southern Queensland country we'll have you wearing gingham in no time. On the menu of this berry farm are liqueurs flavoured with strawberry, raspberry, boysenberry, blackberry and blackcurrant.


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